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Arrival of Abba restaurant thwarted by local residents

London’s Waterloo locals have stopped plans for an Abba themed restaurant in the area after it originally passed planning permission.

The Waterloo Residents’ Alliance protested on the vacant land ahead of a key planning meeting and put up ‘Stop Mamma Mia Party’ signs. Lambeth Council received 198 objections and a petition with over 700 signatures.

Plans were originally passed “in principal” due to the fact that the restaurant “supports the promotion of arts and cultural activities”. Locals were concerned a new late-night drinking establishment in the premises – which have been vacant since 1985 – would encourage disorder and disturbance.

Bjorn Ulvaeus, the band’s co-founder, who is behind the restaurant, told media: “I have reached the conclusion that the party should not open on the South Bank near Waterloo. Despite being granted planning permission in November 2017, I’ve taken seriously the concerns expressed by some local residents living around Stamford Street and so have decided not to go ahead with our plans on this site.

“We have been looking at some equally exciting alternatives in London and expect to announce a new location shortly.”

The restaurant already has a Stockholm branch, and operates in the style of a Greek taverna, with actors and musicians performing Abba musical Mamma Mia around diners. ‘Mamma Mia! The Party’ would welcome over 500 visitors for each show and serve Mediterranean food.

The decision to not to open the new restaurant comes just after the band announced they were reforming.

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