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UKH Cymru calls for Welsh government support

UKHospitality Cymru has called on the Welsh government to use the new treasury support funds of £227m to provide economic backing to the hospitality sector.

David Chapman, executive director for UKHospitality Cymru, reiterated that the treasury announcement reflects the “serious position” that businesses are in now that once again they are forced to close for a “precarious” third lockdown period.

Chapman said: “Until now UKHC’s appeals for survival funding have been positively listened to by Welsh Government. Now we need to see the consequential payments in Wales allocated to our industry in full and, critically, getting to the key businesses and the supply chains they sustain.

“They need this help desperately. While furlough has been vital, it has also meant larger hospitality employers have had to pay 20% of wages for months of enforced closure. Reserves are gone, borrowing is high and the future is perilous.”

He added: “Substantial investment now would yield major returns for the economy when conditions improve. Let’s also keep our eyes on the future and build together a spring springboard for strategic recovery, for the hospitality industry’s survival, reopening, protection, growth and future prosperity in 2021and the years to come.

“Put hospitality at the heart of Wales’ economic recovery. Make our industry one of the five new shining beacons of the Wales economy. Give us the status and the supportive investment that the industry needs to build.”


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