Zizzi launches immersive restaurant

Italian restaurant chain Zizzi has launched its own immersive restaurant at London’s St Katherine Docks, allowing diners to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Italian Riviera whilst eating the chain’s new summer specials.

The immersive restaurant, named Summer Oasis will be launched following research that found over half of British people were more likely to try new food during the summer.

Almost three in four people surveyed by Zizzi said they thought food actually tasted better when the sun was shining

Research also found that trying out local cuisine on holiday (69%), having more opportunity to eat outdoors (52%) and socialising more with friends (44%), all contribute to more experimental dining habits during the summer months.

Marketing director at Zizzi Jo Fawcett, said: “Summer is such a great time of year and we’re excited to open our Summer Oasis to the public, giving them a chance to try out our delicious specials and celebrate with family and friends during the long summer nights. The recent heatwave has lifted everyone’s spirits and we’re hoping the oasis allows people to taste the summer at Zizzi too.”

The restaurant’s new summer specials will include crab cannelloni al forno, rustica pizza d’or and mascarpone cheesecake.

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