York’s El Piano becomes world’s first restaurant to be certified palm oil free

The El Piano restaurant in York has become the first restaurant in the world to be certified as palm oil free following the approval of the Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme (POFCAP).

The international body has been approved by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO UK) to officially certify UK products to be palm oil free. The UK joins Spain, Austria, Sweden and the USA as having their relevant authorities approve POFCAP to certify an applicant’s products as being palm oil free and carry its certification trademark logo. A further nine countries are pending.

POFCAP was launched in Australia in August 2017 in response to global consumer demand for transparency in labelling on the increasingly topical issue of palm oil for allergy, dietary or ethical reasons. It is the world’s first fully accredited palm oil free certification trademark.

El Piano restaurant produces dishes which are wholly free from animal products, palm oil, gluten, nuts and refined sugar.

POFCAP co-founder Bev Luff said: “POFCAP team members have been involved with the highly complicated issue of palm oil for about a decade. Whilst some companies have for some time made their own palm oil free claims, until now there has not been an independent, international, government approved certification programme.

“Whilst only launched some 10 months ago, we’re thrilled with its global growth and our goal is that one day, our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark will be as recognised as other major international certification trademarks such as FAIR TRADE and Gluten Free.”

El Piano founder, Magdalena Chávez, added: “Thanks to POFCAP, we have access to support and up to the minute information about where palm oil is hidden. This international certification is the cornerstone to building trust with our customers whilst creating transparency about each and every ingredient in our award winning food.”

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