Wolfgang Puck to open London pop up restaurant

Restaurateur Wolfgang Puck is set to open a new pop-up restaurant in London’s Park Lane.

Named CUT, the restaurant is set to bring a blend of Asian and French food to London in order to test the waters for a permanent location.

A permanent branch of Spago, the restaurant with which he made his name, looks to be on the horizon for London however it is not certain what Puck’s next permanent London move would be.

Puck controversially told media: “The timing is better than ever for a restaurant business in London. It’s good to be in a city where enough people go out to restaurants every day.”

Puck’s words are at odds with the conventional view of the current state of the market, where restaurants are struggling to keep up with the demand for door to door delivered food.

The pop-up restaurant is due to open between June 27 and 30.

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