Wagamama launches ‘Wok From Home’ cookery guide amid Covid-19 virus outbreak

Wagamama has announced the launch of its home cookery guide, ‘Wok From Home’, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Since the lockdown and tightened restrictions to combat Covid-19, restaurants were told to temporarily close its doors, resulting in Wagamama launching its ‘Wok From Home’ guide, which includes Asian cookery lessons presented by Wagamama’s executive chef, Steve Mangleshot.

The first official video will go live next Wednesday (8 April) and Friday (10 April) with all videos hosted on Facebook, Instagram, IGTV and on YouTube.

Wagamama has released the first episode’s recipe, which will be its Katsu Curry and other recipes include its Yaki Soba, Cha Han and Firecracker and Wok Fried Greens.

Mangleshot said: “This is the first time in 20 years that I’ve gone this long without cooking wagamama food and to be honest, I’m missing it. So, I thought I’d bring the Wagamama kitchen home so we can all get our Wagamama fix.

“The production value might not be up to our usual standard as it will be shot on an iPhone 11 but to be honest we’re making this up as we go along! My wife is the producer / director and my kids are the sous chefs. So it’s gonna be interesting.”

 He added: “We have all been forced to prepare more food at home than we normally do and I want this regular online show to teach you how you can be a decent chef in no time. I also want to create a sense of community through our food, just like we do in all our restaurants.”

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