Vegan, alcohol-free restaurant launches crowdfunding campaign

London-based vegan, wheat and alcohol-free restaurant Redemption Bar has launched a £300,000 crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube to open two new outlets.

Developed by former brand director of Virgin, Catherine Salway and New Zealand restaurateur and raw vegan chef, Andrea Waters, the company already has two restaurants in Shoreditch and Notting Hill.

Catherine & Andrea

The restaurant also serves gluten-free foods and sugar-free raw desserts. The owners will be releasing their own cookbook, ‘Redemption Bar: Cocktails & Canapes’, which will be available worldwide from September 2018.

With the money raised, the owners hope to expand further into London with openings in Covent Garden and Southbank Place, before franchising the brand worldwide.

The money they want to raise will be equivalent to a 10.7% equity in the business.

Catherine Salway said: “We are on the cusp of a really exciting growth plan – as well as launching two new sites in central London we are very optimistic about ethical franchising across the globe. The brilliant thing about crowdfunding is that the customers who’ve made us successful can get involved in this next stage.”

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