Rick Stein’s Marlborough restaurant saved amid 25% rent reduction

The Rick Stein Marlborough restaurant has been saved from closure after the landlord came forward and agreed a 25% reduction in rent to save the business.

In June 2020, it was announced that the restaurant would be forced to close its doors permanently, due to the increased financial strain during a period of lockdown following the outbreak of Covid-19.

However, the group revealed that the landlord of Lloran House, in which the restaurant is housed, was keen to support the survival of the restaurant. Together, the landlord and its agent have helped the restaurant reopen permanently: waiving some rental arrears and reducing the rent by nearly 25%.

On speaking of the agreement the landlord said: “It’s the right thing to do for Marlborough, the customers and staff and we hope we have helped save a great restaurant.

“I was proud to take them as a tenant a few years ago. I felt that the restaurant would be a great addition to the High Street in Marlborough and they did an amazing refurbishment of the building, the new interiors were stunning.”

The reduction in rent means that the restaurant will now reopen permanently and all of its 39 staff have been invited to return to their jobs at the restaurant – 25 of whom are already confirmed to come back upon reopening.

Rick Stein added: “I’m delighted that our landlord in Marlborough made such a generous offer. I had resigned myself to losing the restaurant and our wonderful team and I am so pleased that we can reopen.”.

The group said the official reopening date will be announced shortly.

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