Restaurant fined for serving allergen-free dish containing peanuts

Noor Mohammed, the director of the Windmill Hotel, at 10, Market Place in Alford has been prosecuted after selling a curry that contained peanuts, when a peanut free dish had been ordered.

Lincolnshire Council said the case was heard at Boston Magistrates Court last week and Mohammed pleaded guilty to two charges and was fined over £369 and ordered to pay £1,000 towards costs.

On 22 October 2018 the curry house was visited by an officer from Lincolnshire Trading Standards and a food sample was taken to discover if the food was allergen free as requested.

Mark Keal, Lincolnshire trading standards manager, said: “An unannounced Officer spoke directly to Mr Mohammed and he confirmed that the Lamb Malay- Mild with Fruits was peanut free.

“However, when the curry arrived and the officer explained what was happening, she was then informed it might have peanuts in it by a member of staff. Tests carried out by the Public Analyst on the curry revealed that it contained in the region of 3% peanuts, and was potentially harmful to consumers who are allergic.”

Keal added: “Restaurants have a duty of care to serve food that is of the nature, substance or quality demanded by the consumer, and to ensure that it is allergen free if the customer has requested this.

“We were shocked to find that one ingredient used in preparing the meal was 100% peanut powder. He should have realised that there are potentially deadly consequences for customers with peanut allergies if they were served this meal.”

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