Red Dog Saloon to open Louie’s in basement

Red Dog Saloon has announced it is to open a new fried chicken restaurant named Louie’s in its basement.

The Shoreditch barbecue restaurant which has been in operation for eight years, will be joined by Louie’s which claims to be the first London restaurant to specialise in fried ‘hot chicken’. ‘Hot chicken’ is a style of fried chicken which originates from Tennessee, close to buttermilk fried chicken, the dish uses cayenne pepper to give it a red tint.

Louie’s said its ‘hot chicken’ had a “distinctive deep red colour and a fiery, crispy coating — setting itself apart from the existing fried chicken found in London”. The Red Dog Saloon which operates five sites in Clapham, Soho, Southampton, London, and Nottingham, is yet to confirm if the Louie’s brand will be rolled out elsewhere.

Tom Brooke, founder at Red Dog Saloon, said: “This is an exciting time to be introducing Nashville fried chicken to London for the first time ever. Louie’s will serve red-hot chicken like nowhere else in the city.”

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