Pizza restaurant at centre of CCTV row may close

A pizza restaurant at the centre off a CCTV row may not reopen following emergency repairs after the owner admitted he isn’t turning a profit.

Earlier this week the owner of La Pizza in Derby posted pictures to Facebook of two customers who initially refused to pay for their meal after they complained for a 1 hour and 45 minute wait for food.

The post went viral after the owner posted the pictures of the pair with a caption that read: “Are you glad you did this try to get away without paying for two pizzas? Was it worth it?”

It is reported the couple have issued a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office as they believe the sharing of the images could constitute a breach of GDPR privacy laws.

However, owner Antonio Palermo has revealed to local paper Derbyshire Live he is considering closing the business for good as he is losing his “passion” and is not making any financial gain from the restaurant.

He said to the paper: “That place, I’ve done more as a hobby and a passion, you know. And I’m losing it at the moment. I’m really losing that interest, because we make no financial gains and I’m keeping it open.

“But now, recently, I have been thinking – is it even worth it for me to try to do everything I’m doing when actually there’s no financial gain from any of it? Put yourself in my shoes. I would love everybody to realise. I would love people to say ‘hold on a minute. Let’s stop being like this’.”

The restaurant has been closed for the week to allow for repairs after heavy rain.

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