Peckham’s Aside restaurant ‘closed until further notice’

Aside restaurant in Peckham has announced it is “closed until further notice”.

The restaurant, which has become well-known for its highly praised Sunday roasts, opened in autumn 2017. Owner Rob Dunne opened the restaurant alongside the area’s Old Spike Roastery and is also part of the team at Coal Rooms in Peckham Rye.

Dunne said: “Over the past year and seven plus months we have become the local aside. A conversation, a whisper, murur [sic] and possibly a secret. To all those who whispered our name, we are grateful for your time, words and experience.

“On designing and building a communal, hospitality driven space, you hope to create an environment in which resonates with the guests, an interaction in which creates the desire to return and share. I believe we have some of the best repeat guests I have experienced in 10 plus years of hospitality. We thank you for your time.”

He added: “Sadly this week ending the 24th of February in this current position we will close Aside. But it will live on in memory and conversation, and possibly present itself in a new position elsewhere. For now we bid you a fond farewell.”

An Aside statement, read: “Today we do a deep clean, break down and reset for future tenants. It’s like a divorce.”


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