Pastaio and Good Birds from Flank to open at Market Hall West End

Fast-casual pasta joint Pastaio and chicken restaurant Good Birds have been confirmed for Market Hall West End, which is set to open this November.

Pastaio, from British chef Stevie Parle, will offer a menu combining some of its renowned dishes from the original Pastaio restaurant on Ganton St – including slow cooked sausage sauce with malloreddus and tiramisù and new dishes exclusive to Market Hall West End, such as tonnarelli cacio e pepe with lemon , and black and white spaghetti with chilli, rocket and crab.

The new site will also feature a “Love Pasta” neon sign set against a mural by London-based artist Supermundane AKA Rob Lowe.

Ahead of the launch, Parle said: “I love Market Halls so I’m super excited to be making pasta there – Market Hall Victoria is a unique place full of extraordinarily good food and I’m sure that the new hall on Oxford Street is going to be a smash hit.

“It’s great to see the old space used in such an uplifting way. As always we’ll be making everything fresh everyday on-site using top quality British and Italian produce. We’ve commissioned another signature mural and I think our shop – and the whole place – is going to look smashing. Can’t wait to get going.”

Joining Pastaio is “nose-to-tail” chain Flank, are launching its new Good Birds restaurant at the new Market Hall.

Good Birds From Flank founder Tom Griffiths has curated a menu focused solely on chicken and poultry that will reflect his nose-to-tail ethos by celebrating the whole bird.

The Good Birds From Flank menu will include peanut butter chicken wings dressed in Dutch-style spicy peanut sauce, Asian-fried chicken thighs topped with smoked chilli sambal and garlic mayo and slow smoked pulled chicken naan.The menu also includes a dedicated rotisserie section of spicy glazed chicken.

Good Birds From Flank’s operations and development director, Ben Rowland, said: “Market Hall West End is a major move for us, to get Good Birds From Flank out to an audience that will hopefully love it as much as we do.

“The last two years have seen Flank evolve into an ethos, a set of principles and ideas that run through each site, so it’s great to apply those to a new project.”

Chef director Griffiths added: “We’re extremely excited about this project. By focusing on one thing done very well, open fire rotisserie is next level chicken brought to the accessible market.

“We’re friends with the farmer, we know the product is delicious, and I am excited to have developed a menu of dishes that I would happily eat each and every day”.

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