Orange Buffalo launches first ever restaurant in London

Orange Buffalo, an American-inspired food brand launched by Mike So and Nick White, will be opening its first restaurant in June in Tooting, London.

The new opening follows the brand’s two sites at outdoor food courts The Old Truman Brewery and Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen.

The award-winning wings menu has expanded to include chicken burgers and an array of authentic Orange Buffalo sauces which include the Original tangy sauce made with Dutch chillies and Woof Woof, which is made with scotch bonnets and Dutch chillies and a hint of naga chillies.

The menu also includes the Snake in a Basket which features seven Original or Woof Woof wings with one hidden Viper Wing – a wing so hot due to its high one million+ scoville content, anti-venom mini-milks can be purchased to reduce the heat.

Hailing from Hull, Orange Buffalo is the creation of So and White, who decided to bring a flavour of the US back to the UK after embarking on a US road trip which landed them in a plethora of American dive bars. Deciding to make their own sauce for the wings, the two developed a flavour for their chicken wings which helped them win the first Wing Fest event in London in 2018.

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