Mum finds used needles on McDonald’s baby changing table

A mother found three used needles on a McDonald’s baby changing table at the New George Street outlet in Plymouth.

Jade Krotke, 25, was about to use the table to change her eight-month-old daughter Olivia when she pulled it down and made the discovery.

Krotke was with her husband at the time and told the BBC: “While he was lifting her out of the pram I pulled the unit down and heard the clang of a metal dish. I was immediately in shock and suddenly realised the packaging was needles.

“There was a sanitary bin in there. I’m not judging them for their habit but please don’t put others at risk.”

She added: “You could have put them in the bin or even attempted to flush them. But putting them inside a baby changing unit, there are no words for you.

“It’s devastating, it could have punctured her [Olivia’s] skin and it could have given her HIV or anything.”

When Krotke told the restaurant manager, they disposed of the needles.

In a statement, McDonald’s said it was “sorry for the customer’s experience” and insisted that the facility was checked frequently.

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