Mark Wahlberg’s Wahlburgers to relaunch as full service restaurant

Actor Mark Wahlberg’s Covent Garden restaurant Wahlbergers, which he launched with his chef brother Paul, is to relaunch as a full-service restaurant just six months after opening.

Following feedback from customers over the first six months of operation and an internal review of additional growth opportunities, Wahlburgers is evolving its format into a full service restaurant with a standalone bar.

The restaurant will open at 9am in order to serve the area’s breakfast crowd and new dishes have been created to supply this demand.

In addition to those dishes a range of new starters, sides, and main courses will also be added to the existing menu. The Wahlburgers Bar will launch a standalone cocktail menu as well introduce Wahlburgers DJ Nights from Thursday to Saturday to accommodate the location’s late-night crowd of Covent Garden.

Chef Paul Wahlberg said: “Each Wahlburgers around the world has a specific set of dishes that we feel fit anywhere we have a restaurant. During our first half year of operating in London we received some feedback from our guests that they’d also like to see some other options, and we listened.”

In line with Wahlburgers’ commitment to their presence in the UK to become part of the community the restaurant group also announced a partnership with London-based food waste charity The Felix Project.

The Felix Project have aligned Wahlburgers with Greenhouse Sports, a charity they support that provides sports coaching and mentoring to young Londoners from disadvantaged backgrounds, supporting two areas of particular importance to the Wahlberg family; sports and nutrition.

Mark Wahlberg added: “We are committed to not only making our restaurant in London a success, but also being an extension of the community around us and finding a charity where we can both add value but also understand and agree with its ethos is important to us.”

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