Kitchin Group hires external HR consultancy amid bullying accusations

The HR consultancy has been enlisted to ‘investigate any complaints’ and ‘take appropriate action’

The Tom Kitchin owned Kitchin Group has appointed an independent, external HR consultancy in reaction to recent allegations of staff mishandling and harassment.

Some 12 former employees claimed earlier this month of “hellish” sexual harassment, abuse, and the denial of food, water, and lavatory breaks amid 18 hours shifts across the group’s restaurants, resulting in the suspension of two senior members of staff.

In turn, the HR consultancy has been enlisted to “investigate any complaints” and “take appropriate action”.

Kitchin wrote in an Instagram post: “Whilst we are proud of the exacting standards we set ourselves, we have never pretended that we are perfect, and where further improvements need to be made, we will address those head-on.

“That’s why we have appointed an independent, external HR consultancy to investigate any complaints and, where they have merit, we will not hesitate to take appropriate action.”

Kitchin also promised a revamp to the group’s tips and service charge strategy, which sees funds “shared between all front of house and kitchen team members, including those directors who work in the venues”.

He added: “Going forward, all credit card and cash tips will be shared entirely between the operational front of house teams and kitchen teams.”

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