Indo Chinese restaurant Fatt Pundit opens in London

Indo Chinese restaurant Fatt Pundit has opened at London’s Soho, launched by the London-based group behind Indian restaurants Bombay Chow, Station 31, and Imperial Lounge.

Originating from Kolkata, Indo Chinese was invented when the Hakka people migrated to India from the Chinese province of Canton, bringing with them their culinary treasures. Incorporating traditional Chinese cooking techniques with the spices of India to create something both new yet familiar, Indo Chinese is now an integral part of Indian cuisine.

Playfully named Fatt Pundit it’s a combination of the common Chinese surname ‘Fatt’ with the Indian word ‘Pundit’ (a scholar).

The signature dish at Fatt Pundit is its Momos; spicy dumplings originating from Tibet which the restaurant has given a unique twist with new meat and veggie fillings complimented with chutneys. Available to order from the menu, there will also be a momo station at the front of the restaurant.

The extensive menu unites the flavours of India and China. Dishes include shredded chilli venison, smoked rabbit wontons, Hakka paneer lettuce cups and stir fry cod and bream curry. These can all be served alongside Fatt Pundit’s sauces such as manchurian and Bombay chilli.

Fatt Pundit also offers a drinks menu which includes cocktails inspired by Indian fruit vendors with a Chinese twist, consisting of flavour ranges from raw mango, guava, blackcurrant and cucumber.

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