Gunpowder founder to close Madame D and Gul and Sepoy restaurants

Harneet Baweja, founder of Gunpowder Holdings, has announced the closure of Gul and Sepoy, and Madame D restaurants in order to concentrate his energy on the Gunpowder group.

He is due to open his second Gunpowder restaurant at One Tower Bridge in September and Custard bakery in October at the same site. Gul and Sepoy was closed on Monday 23 July and Madame D will close on Monday 30 July and will remain closed until a final decision has been made on their future.

Baweja said: “Unfortunately, our new site at One Tower Bridge has suffered delays. In a way, this has been a blessing, giving us more time to develop and perfect our new bakery concept but it’s also given me time to reflect on the existing restaurants and what we want to do in the future.

“In retrospect, we opened Gul and Sepoy and Madame D in quick succession last year and it stretched our already small team to the limit. Closing the restaurant has been a necessary move in the current financial climate with increasing staffing and other costs.”

“While I am very sad to let the restaurants go, it will allow us to refocus on Gunpowder and making the second restaurant bigger and better. We hope to keep the staff on at One Tower Bridge,” he added.

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