Flame restaurant evacuated following fire

Belfast’s Flame restaurant was evacuated at 8pm on Tuesday night (23 October) following a fire on its rooftop.

Around 70 customers dining in the restaurant were evacuated and residents at a nearby hotel were not allowed to return to their rooms as the fire service worked to extinguish the fire. Five fire appliances were in attendance at the restaurant.

Flame restaurant praised the “quick and amazing fire service” in a statement, adding that it felt its staff “did amazing” in dealing with the evacuation. It appears that the restaurant will remain closed for some time following the fire with the restaurant saying it will be open again “ASAP”.

Paddy Gallagher, Belfast fire service duty area commander, said it had only been a “small fire” and added that the fire stemmed from a ground floor extract system. The restaurant celebrated five years in business on Sunday (21 October).

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