First Meatliquor restaurant relocates

Meatliquor’s first restaurant which was set for closure has been relocated within London’s Marylebone area.

In November last year the chain said it was closing its first site to make way for a luxury hotel, however it will now be reopened just 500 metres away. Meatliquor’s managing director, Scott Collins confirmed that the chain was set to take over the former site of Match Bar at 37-38 Margaret Street.

The original site closed on 9 February, with those that bought an ‘RIP Meatliquor O.G’ t-shirt from it, set to be offered 25% at the new site during its first year of operating.

Prior to its closure it was thought that the restaurant was the chain’s best performing restaurant, in part thanks to a favourable rent agreement. The site was offered to founder Collins and Meatliquor’s co-founder Yianni Papoutsis for two years, however each year they were offered an extension on the site for a further year.

The relocated restaurant is expected to reopen in spring 2019, with the reopening bringing the number of London restaurants in the chain’s portfolio back to 10.

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