‘Eatertainment’ helps to fuel sales at Caffe Concerto

The CEO of Caffe Concerto and LUX Group, Mohammed Borjak recently stated that a focus on “Eatertainment” in the food and beverage space has greatly contributed to the chains increasing popularity and “sales success” of Caffe Concerto.

Borjak revealed that making its menu more accessible to a greater number of customers, a focus on the tangible and experiential experiences such as traditional service and live music and creating “Instagramable” have helped boost its trading performance.

The company revealed a recent survey by Just Eat of over 2,000 people, found that nearly one in seven choose their restaurants by how Instagram- able it is, and according to a recent Waitrose report, 18 to 44-year-olds are five times more likely to share photos of their food online than the over 55s.

Caffe Concerto said its “eatertainment” segment continues to grow, and the concept is “well-positioned” to help sidestep the” profit margin volatility that has gone hand-in-hand with the delivery sales market”.

Borjak said: “Although fast food and home delivery can be convenient, people are looking for shared moments which these markets just can’t cater for. Caffe Concerto is designed to bring people together, not have them stay in their house. People want shared experiences in memorable spaces, are we’re glad that our hard work developing this model is reaping the rewards.”

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