Carlton Park launches first vegan menu

Carlton Park Hotel is to its first vegan menu after seeing a “rising demand” from guests requesting plant-based meals.

Set to be launched at the end of August, the new menu will bring together to range of meat-free and dairy-free dishes which are all made using locally sourced produce. The decision to introduce the new menu was taken in a bid to provide vegans with a range of appetising dishes and meat free alternatives to some of the most popular choices on the hotel’s menu.

In a genuine first for a Rotherham hotel, the new menu is the culmination of many months of planning and testing, developed under the watchful eye of head chef Paul Spruce.

Jason Gossop, sales manager, Carlton Park Hotel said: “In recent years, we have seen the numbers of guests who follow a vegan diet rise significantly and whilst we have always offered a small selection of dishes to cater for their needs, we wanted vegans to enjoy a similar variety of choice and options as our meat-eating diners – and this means creating choice. The menu is the result of many months of research and development by Paul and his team and we are planning to release the new dishes, at the end of August.

“The recent food inspection report we have received has re-affirmed our commitment towards upholding the highest standards when it comes to the quality of our food and the five star rating reflects our commitment towards delivering the highest possible standards. As we start to gear up towards our preparations for Christmas, the new dishes which are designed to appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike will offer greater choices for discerning diners, which showcase the high quality produce readily available on our doorstep.”

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