Britannia Spice manager hits back at ‘exaggerated’ Tripadvisor review

A general manager at an Edinburgh restaurant has hit back at an online reviewer calling him “pathetic” and an “embarrassment” over “exaggerated” claims of poor customer service posted on Tripadvisor.

The negative review posted to the Britannia tripadvisor page titled “Terrible Customer Service” explains how one customer attempted to pay for a meal with a Groupon voucher offering a four-person meal of £40 for only £20.

Despite claiming that he called ahead to check that the restaurant would accept the voucher upon asking for the discount he was told that the voucher was invalid and was told to pay full price.

The review reads: “The place was pretty quiet at the time, a group of staff/managers were sat at a table talking to each other and ignoring us, leaving a single young male staff members to attend to all of the tables, including us. The food was pretty good but not amazing and quite overpriced.

“At the end of the meal, I presented the voucher and the server told us we could not use it so I explained I had called in advance and so he went to get a manager. An older male then approached who seemed to be a manager and he started verbally scolding us and telling us off for trying to use the wrong voucher.”

The review also accuses the manager of saying the customer had a “bad attitude” and of “blaming his staff”. The review goes onto claim that the manager told another member of staff that “we don’t want these sort of customers”.

In a now deleted response reported by the Edinburgh Evening News the manager responded to the comment by saying that they had waited to publicly respond to the reviewer rather than “waste our efforts on responding to such a pathetic person like you privately.”

In a second response, after its first reply was deleted by Tripadvisor, the restaurant wrote: “Since our side of the story has been removed by Tripadvisor. We take every complaint seriously, we are a very well known restaurant and provide excellent service and delicious Indian dishes.

“This sad incident where this person tried to use a voucher incorrectly and became abusive to staff led us to writing a response which we have never done or felt like we had to. Yes we allowed him to leave without paying the full bill. Our only wrong is we responded to him publicly and personally.”

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