Brindisa Kitchen set to open at Borough Market Kitchen

Spanish restaurant group Brindisa Kitchen has announced it is set to open a new restaurant at Borough Market Kitchen next year. 

The restaurant will take inspiration from ‘ La Ruta de la Plata’, which is an ancient Spanish pilgrimage route that goes from Andalucía, southern Spain to the Northern Asturian coastline. 

The restaurant will feature a new communal dining space, seating customers around a marble-topped, horseshoe-shaped bar.

Dishes on the menu will include river trout with ham, white beans with crab, escabeche mussels with romesco sauce and fried whitebait with broken eggs. 

There will also be a selection of cheeses sourced directly from farms throughout the route along ‘La Ruta de la Plata,’ such as, barros torta (sheep cheese from Extremadura, and Payoyo, (made with milk from the goat indigenous to the Sierra de Cadiz).

Founder and co-owner, Monika Linton said: “Brindisa Kitchen allows us get closer to the fascinating variety of the mini lands – or ‘comarcas’ – that line La Ruta de la Plata. 

“I’m looking forward to delving deep into the local cultures: their recipes, crops and ingredients, their one pot dishes, family dishes and seasonal food habits.”

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