Ampéli set to open Fitzrovia restaurant in January

Greek restaurant Ampéli has announced its opening on Charlotte Street in London’s Fitzrovia on 15 January.

Ampéli, the Greek word for vineyard, will feature dishes from former Nopi chef, Oren Goldfeld and will offer dishes inspired by Eastern Mediterranean and Greek cuisines, which include pan-fried Welsh lamb sweetbreads with Jerusalem mixed spice as well as braised cuttlefish with orzo and Moroccan red pepper sauce.

The restaurant will also include a wine list that includes wines that “bear the torch for modern Greek wines,” the list is designed by Yiannis Karakasis, who is known as the “Greek Master of Wine.” 

Ampéli was founded by Jenny Pagoni, who created the restaurant after moving to London in 2004. She said she missed the food and wine from her hometown Athens.

She said: “Greek wine is currently undergoing an exciting renaissance so I’m really looking forward to introducing some completely new wines to London. Ampéli will be a place for people to gather and drink something new they might never have tasted, and share dishes that reflect the diversity of the Eastern Mediterranean.”

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