Restaurants back One Planet Plate campaign

Restaurants are backing the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s One Planet Plate Campaign.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association campaign is due to launch on 24 March to coincide with WWF’s Earth Hour, and encourages participating restaurants to serve special sustainable dishes.

Each dish will highlight a sustainability issue and address it by offering an alternative option for customers. Dishes served as ‘One Planet Plates’ by participating restaurants must do one of the following:

Celebrate local: Use locally sourced, seasonal and non-intensively-farmed produce

Waste no food: Rethink how food surplus or common by-products are used

Feature more veg: Shift the proportion of animal protein towards plant-based ingredients

Source fish sustainably: Educate diners on where their fish comes from

Include better meat: Inspire diners to eat high-welfare meat in smaller portions

Have a low carbon footprint: Cut use of natural resources from farm to fork

The SRA’s chief executive, Andrew Stephen explained: “Faced with a full menu of dishes to choose from, it can be hard for even the most conscious diners to feel confident they’re making the right choice, even in the most ethical restaurant. A One Planet Plate is effectively the chef’s sustainable special – his or her recommendation.”


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