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Sarnia Hotel Group invests £1m in Guernsey bar

Sarnia Hotel Group has announced it has completed a £1m refurbishment of its Guernsey bar, JB Parker’s Bar & Cellar, located at Moores Best Western Hotel.

The refurbishment comes after the company invested £1.5m in its Copenhagen Restaurant, located at Les Rocquettes Hotel.

The project, which took six months to complete, has seen the bar’s traditional cellar transformed into a wine bar with a card-operated self service wine dispenser. The restaurant’s open kitchen has had a charcoal flame grill and a chef’s counter and bar top installed.

Previously known as The Almanac and The Pollet Bar, the restaurant has also seen its wood floor aged by local craftsmen and had mosaic flooring built from individual tiles.

Sarnia Hotel Group, managing director Karel Harris, said: “I do have confidence in the hospitality sector, although it’s a very challenging period, but you can’t just stand still. You have to keep re-inventing yourself and you have to appeal to the local market as well as the visitor market.

“It was the Library Bar for 27 years, with a couple of facelifts along the way, and it was time to see something new. We were delighted that Heritage and the planning department were very quick to agree to us opening up the cellar and putting in the new windows and we’re grateful to our neighbours who have been very understanding during major work right in the centre of town.”

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