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Ridgeview Wines opens new bar in partnership with Exclusive Hotels

Ridgeview Wines has opened a new Ridgeview Beauty Bar as part of a brand new £15m spa by Exclusive Hotels at South Lodge.

The company, which claims to have produced the world’s first English sparkling wine, will open the bar alongside the spa’s new Botanica Restaurant, which overlooks the swim pond. The restaurant has a focus on health and plant-based plates, using the restaurant on the South Downs as a larder for its Mediterranean inspired menu.

In another first, the Ridgeview Beauty Bar designed by interior spa specialists SPARC, will house the UK’s only sparkling wine Enoflute dispenser to “perfectly” serve Ridgeview bubbles. The bar was launched at a party, which included an outdoor laser show and an edible dessert tree.

Managing director of Exclusive Hotels and Venues, Danny Pecorelli, said: “Working with Ridgeview is the true definition of a partnership.”

Tamara Roberts, CEO of Ridgeview, added: “We are thrilled for Ridgeview to be represented in such a unique way. It’s great working with the whole Exclusive team with their vision and passion. This amazing spa is so beautiful, it’s sure to become a Sussex destination”

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