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Pub industry pleas for no rise in beer duty

Britain’s Beer Alliance, made up of brewers and publicans has issued a plea for the chancellor not to rise beer duty tax when the budget is announced on 29 October.

The trade organisation has asked drinkers to contact their local MPs regarding the issue and released a report by Oxford Economics warning that as many as 6,000 pubs could fall over the next five years, seeing the loss of 12,500 jobs. The report estimates the sector accounts for 900,000 UK jobs, and has a value of £23bn to the economy, paying £13bn in taxes.

Supermarkets currently do not pay as much tax on alcohol as supermarkets with the group claiming they are not as affected by cuts. David Cunningham, project director at Britain’s Beer Alliance, said: “Seven in ten of all alcoholic drinks are beer. It has a disproportionate impact for a pub verses a supermarket.”

Britain’s Beer Alliance added that the issues caused by taxation were not just economic adding that closing pubs are an important “public space” for local communities.

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