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Police warn Scottish pub landlords over ‘party bus incidents’

Police have warned Scottish pub landlords after four recent incidents have seen large groups of people travelling to establishments on privately owned coaches causing antisocial behavior, leading to complaints from residents.

Officers dealt with the complaints and worked with landlords to implement measures to stop a repeat of the incidents. A new report presented by the chief constable to the North Aberdeenshire Licencing Board said that the pubs involved in the incidents were “subject to a period of monitoring or intervention”.

The report added that whilst some issues had been resolved, some remain ongoing, however it said “it is not anticipated they will require escalation”. Police said that as a result of the incidents they wanted other pub landlords to avoid such problems by being careful with who they let in.

Licensing inspector Kenny McGeough said: “We encourage licensed premises and party bus providers to liaise with each other to confirm arrival times, numbers and to identify suitable drop-off and pick-up areas.

“This allows door stewards and staff to be appropriately prepared to carry out the necessary ID and intoxication assessment checks. Irrespective of arrangements made, licensing regulation and conditions must be adhered to.”

A separate report is looking at the introduction of new guidance for ‘party bus’ operators after a number of landlords told police they felt powerless to keep the groups out of their pubs.

Councillor Steven Calder, said: “Ideally, we would want party bus organisers to phone ahead so pubs can be prepared for their arrival, but we cannot compel them to do so.

“Pubs are responsible for who comes through their door, but it is tough on them when they have to deal with a large group coming in with no prior warning, particularly if the groups have been drinking elsewhere earlier.”

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