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Lunar Pub Company to launch its first site

Lunar Pub Company co-founded by Hubert Beatson-Hird and chef director Oliver Marlowe, will open its first site, The Hunter’s Moon in Chelsea this September.

The pub will feature horseshoe booths, skylights, a vintage Aga in the dining room, a caged wine display and downstairs a semi open kitchen sits alongside bathrooms with hand painted mural ceilings.

The interiors will be feature oak and vintage tile flooring, textured walls and ceilings, aged leather seating, pendant lighting above a zinc topped bar, and antique mirrors. A colour palette of autumnal hues, from dark greens and inky blues to burnt umbers and deep mustards, checked wool, patterned fabrics and velvet complete the space.

The dining room will have a more formal, daily menu focusing more on fine dining, and the front pub will focus on a more casual menu.

Beatson-Hird says: “Having managed London pubs since 2012 for a variety of independent groups, it is with great excitement to open a site I can call my own. The opportunity to do this with Olly is absolutely fantastic, as the food he creates is truly exceptional and we have worked together as a successful team in the past. With an insatiable passion for food and drink, my focus has been and always will be the facilitation of enjoyment in others.”

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