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JD Wetherspoon secures 20-year deal with Budweiser Brewing Group

JD Wetherspoon and Budweiser Brewing Group have a partnership in the UK spanning over 40 years, and this deal will ‘strengthen the partnership for the long-term’.

JD Wetherspoon has announced a further 20-year partnership with Budweiser Brewing Group, meaning the brewing group will become the largest beer supplier across the JD Wetherspoon estate.

Wetherspoon said demand for the Budweiser Brewing Group’s premium portfolio increased during the pandemic, and that last year saw premium lager and world beer contribute the most absolute growth to the overall beer category.  

Additionally, the brewer has reportedly made “significant investments” at its breweries across the UK over the past year and has expanded its infrastructure to support this partnership, and to cater for the “growing demand” in the On-Trade sector.

Meanwhile, Budweiser Brewing Group’s market share has “increased significantly” in 2021. With a higher demand for its products compared to 2019, the group has increased its keg and trucking capacity in order to sustain the volume for the new JD Wetherspoon deal, as well as its total On-Trade business.

With the reopening of hospitality, the brewer’s Stella Artois is reportedly the most popular draught beer at JD Wetherspoon, while Corona is “seeing tremendous growth”.

The investment follows Budweiser Brewing Group’s “commitment to supporting the hospitality sector in the long-term, driving growth and employment opportunities” following the pandemic. 

Paula Lindenberg, president of Budweiser Brewing Group, said: “We are so excited to strengthen our partnership with JD Wetherspoon! Demand for our premium portfolio of Beers continues to grow, and this provides us with a fantastic opportunity to invest at scale in the UK’s vibrant hospitality sector and meet the strong demand nationwide.”

Tim Martin, chairman of JD Wetherspoon, said: “We are also pleased to have agreed long-term supply deals with BrewDog, Westons Cider, Carlsberg and Molson Coors. Wetherspoon will continue to sell a wide range of traditional ales and craft beers from regional and micro brewers at competitive prices.”

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