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Drama nightclub denies charging black women double to get in

Drama nightclub in London’s Mayfair has denied accusations that it charged a woman more to enter because she was black.

Nadine Marsh-Edwards said on her Twitter that her daughter was made to pay £20 for entry while white women were charged £10.

She wrote: “My daughter went to a club in the West End last night. Black girls got charged £20 entrance fee – white girls £10… London life right now.”

A spokesperson for the club told the BBC: “Promotions are offered for various reasons, but never on the grounds of discrimination of race, colour or national origin.

“We operate a non-discriminatory policy and we place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.”

It also told the media that it was investigating the allegations.

Labour councillors have since called on Westminster council to suspend the club’s licence as investigations are conducted.

Andrea Mann, Labour’s shadow cabinet member for community, said in a statement: “We are horrified to hear that this is going on in the heart of London and have asked the Council’s Head of Licensing to look into it as a matter of urgency.

Any nightclub operating such an entrance policy is clearly in breach of its licence and that is why we have called for the suspension of Drama’s licence pending the outcome of the investigation.

We ask that anyone who has experienced or witnessed racially discriminatory door policies at this or any other nightclub in Westminster to contact us at & We want to find out how widespread this practice is and fear it might be more common than people realise.”

Catering Today contacted the nightclub but they refused to comment.

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