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Carlsberg launches ‘waterfall powered’ pub

Carlsberg UK has launched a ‘Carlsberg Cabin’ pub which was built using only sustainable materials and is powered with hydro and solar technology.

The pub follows the rejuvenation of firm’s Carlsberg Export brand and its Danish Way campaign, which taps into the ‘hygge’ trend celebrating nature, work-life balance and cosiness.

Using only locally sourced building materials, Carlsberg teamed up with award winning architect, Ben Huggins, who designed and engineered the infamous three-legged, asymmetrical hideaway camping pods at Kudhva, to create the cabin.

Six strangers from across the UK were brought in to help construct the cabin and were supervised during the seven-day build. They were encouraged to make friends with each other and learn new skills in the process.

Inspired by the Danes’ love of the outdoors, the carbon neutral pub is complete with a Carlsberg Export DraughtMaster beer pump and located in the Cornish countryside at Kudhva – a wild camping experience near Tintagel. It is also designed to sleep up to six people and can be booked via Airbnb.

Ben Huggins from New British Design said: “The inspiration for the design of the Carlsberg Cabin is a ‘Danish’ re-imagining of the iconic Cornish engine houses you see in Poldark. The original engine houses were built of stone and pumped water from the tin mines, now we’ve translated that iconic design into a lightweight frame structure but this time pumping beer.

“The remote off-grid nature of the quarry location required the use of both solar PV and hydro-electricity to power the Carlsberg DraughtMaster that consistently delivers the perfect chilled pint.”

Liam Newton, vice president of marketing at Carlsberg, added: “We wanted to build an off the grid pub that allowed people in the UK to live the Danish Way and escape the busyness of daily life. We’re extremely proud to be able to launch the world’s first pub powered by a waterfall. The Carlsberg Cabin was part of a project, Build the Danish Way, to bring an element of the Danish way of life to the UK.

“We want to provide space for quality conversation whilst taking in a view to take your breath away and a crisp, cold pint of Carlsberg Export with friends. We hope people enjoy staying at the Carlsberg Cabin and embrace living the Danish Way.”

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