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700-year-old pub devastated by blaze

The 700-year-old Ye Olde Six Bells pub in Surrey has been left partly destroyed after it caught fire just after 7:30pm yesterday (Tuesday 28 May).

More than 20 firefighters were called to the scene in the village of Horley, with crews still remaining at the scene at the time of writing. The fire is thought to have begun in the kitchen area.

According to reports by the BBC the pub was evacuated, with 50 people told to gather in the car park. The Ye Olde Six Bells is the second oldest pub in the country according to its website, with origins dating to the 9th Century, the pub took its name from the bells of a nearby church.

Dan Siler, who witnessed the fire, told the BBC: “All of a sudden the whole roof just went up in flames. We thought we’d return back inside afterwards. But then the staff got very animated and told everybody to move away from the building. Then the roof caught fire.”

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