UK hospitality and leisure sectors ‘fail to unleash’ employees’ full potential

A study has shown that seven out of 10 employees in the leisure and hospitality sectors feel ‘held back’ from reaching their full potential at work.

The beliefs and behaviours of 100 ‘smart talent’ employees were recorded in a study by CoreHR, a company that focuses on HR management software, which surveyed 1,022 UK employees from which 100 stood-out in areas of attitude, personal drive and ambition.

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Although identified as problem-solvers, self-reliant and constant learners, 92% of these smart employees claimed they felt unable to contribute their full set of skills and strengths, with 96% feeling their employer could benefit from these.

While 78% employees believing their work is meaningful and has an impact, the study also revealed six in 10 smart employees felt “their organisation doesn’t listen to its employees’ opinions”.

Furthermore, the ambitious workers also gave suggestions on how to foster their abilities. Up to 51% urged their organisations to spend time and resources on helping in their workers’ development.

CoreHR’s CEO, Dean Forbes, said: “Ultimately, it’s people who power organisations forward. Smart talent are the real change-makers. By unleashing their smart talent’s full potential, business leaders can enable spectacular growth by attracting similar employees, inspiring others and setting-up a culture of success.”

He added: “Employers have a fight on their hands to appeal to the very best talent in the market. With their exceptional capabilities critical to navigating today’s politically and economically volatile market, leaders must prioritise enabling their best talent to flourish.”

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