Rayuela open to giving Cochran trademark back as crowdfunding campaign launched

Rayuela, the company that owns the James Cochran EC3 restaurant and the trademarked James Cochran brand, have said they remain open to giving the chef the rights to his name.

Cochran, who is currently appearing on BBC’s Great British Menu, accused his former employer of “selling off” his name after he discovered the website which sells recipes from £25.

A GoFundMe page was set up two days ago with a £75,000 goal to help the chef buy back the rights to his name. So far, no donations have been made.

Rayuela said its motivation for trademarking the chef’s name was to “protect the business” and added that it has been and remains “entirely open to the chef James Cochran acquiring the trademark”. It has since renamed the James Cochran EC3 restaurant to 19 Bevis Marks.

Cochran left the James Cochran EC3 restaurant in April and is set to open his new eatery 1251 in Islington at the end of August. His former employer previously accused him of using the website and trademark row to draw attention to his new ventures.

Rayuela said: “We are more than happy to negotiate an agreement whereby James acquires the trademark, but we won’t agree a deal on any grounds other than solid business rationale; we’re not going to be forced into handing it over to him on terms that make no business sense simply because he’s turned it into an a matter of emotive spectacle played out in the press and on social media.

“We have no insightful comment on the crowd-funding campaign. If James’ friends and followers choose to support him, that’s their right and their choice and not really relevant for us to hold an opinion about it.”

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