McDonalds, TGI and Wetherspoons staff to go on ‘historic strike’ for better pay

Hospitality staff from McDonalds, TGI Fridays and Wetherspoons will be coming together to collectively strike for better pay and union recognition.

In what has been described as a “historic move” by the organisers, hospitality workers in the McStrike, TGI Fridays Strike and SpoonStrike [JD Wetherspoon] will stage coordinated walkouts to highlight issues of low pay and insecure working in the UK hospitality industry.

The rally and photocall will be taking place on 4 October in Leicester Square at 11am. The staff are asking their peers who face similar conditions of “poverty pay” and “precarious contracts” to join to the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) and Unite. They will also be joined by a delegation of hospitality workers from four continents.

Workers in two Wetherspoons pubs in Brighton, McDonalds in Brixton, Crayford, Cambridge and Watford, TGI Fridays workers in Milton Keynes, Covent Garden and Stratford in London will be among those going on strike.

Matt Rouse, 22, who works in the kitchen at the Bright Helm Wetherspoons pub in Brighton said he was “inspired” by his co-workers to “call out injustice” in his workplace. “This is only the beginning, we will keep fighting for everyone, for better wages and rights for hospitality workers across the country,” he added.

Boni Adeliyi, who works as a waitress at TGI Fridays waitress in Milton Keynes said: “We’re striking on on 4 October to show the strength we have when workers come together. The movement is growing and change is coming.”

McStriker Lauren McCourt, added: “We’re joining with Wetherspoons and TGI Friday’s workers because when we come together, hospitality workers have the power to transform our sector. The days of poverty pay, insecure contracts and lack of respect for workers are numbered.

“A living wage of £10 per hour for all ages, security of hours, and our right to a union are the basic rights we are fighting for. Hospitality workers are rising up and all those who suffer similar conditions should join with us. We will win.”

A spokesperson for TGI Fridays said: “Our team members are a part of our Fridays family. We believe they should be – and are – treated and paid fairly. Out of a workforce of over 5,500 team members, less than 1% are involved in this action.”

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