Kebab shop worker jailed after threatening owner with kebab knife

An Exeter kebab shop worker has been jailed for 15 months after threatening his boss with a kebab knife and throwing it around the street.

Nazim Musa had first burst into his previous workplace, Best Kebab, threatening to kill its owner and stealing a large kebab knife. Musa then made his way to current workplace The Sultan Restaurant where he then threatened the owner Ali Aydin with a cut throat gesture.

Musa was caught on CCTV where the public can be seen recoiling as he throws the kebab knife to the floor causing it to bounce up the street.

Upon his arrest Musa told officers he had behaved “like a madman” and admitted theft of the knife, affray and possession of a bladed article when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.

Upon jailing him for 15 months, Recorder Richard Shepherd told Musa: “Mr Aydin feared he might be killed. He could not hear what you were shouting but he understood the hand gesture of slitting his throat.

“Those watching were universally frightened. This was 5pm, during the rush hour, in the middle of a busy street with passers-by. It must have been terrifying for them. In terms of harm, and risk of harm, having such a large knife such as this is both dangerous and frightening.”

It was found during court proceedings that Musa had drank “several bottles of Heineken” beforehand however Musa denied being drunk.

Judith Constable of the defence said: “I apologise if he frightened anyone. He is really sorry he lost his temper and says he did not intend any harm to anyone. He did not go back into Mr Aydin’s shop.”

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