Jamie Oliver denies McDonald’s advisory role

Jamie Oliver has denied being involved with McDonald’s as an “informal advisor” after reports this morning (5 February) claimed he had been having regular discussions with the chain over healthy eating.

In the past Oliver has been heavily critical of the fast food chain, branding its burgers “not fit for human consumption” and adding that they were made from “pink slime”. Despite Oliver’s denial the fast food chain said it regularly meets food and drink professionals to discuss matters such as healthy eating.

Reports by the Press Association suggested that Oliver has held regular meetings with McDonald’s UK bosses, including CEO Paul Pomroy, however stated that the chef does not have a commercial relationship with the company. Pomroy has previously taken part in a charity cook-off held by Oliver’s food foundation.

A Jamie Oliver spokesperson said: “Jamie and his companies has no current or planned formal or informal relationship with McDonald’s and any reporting to the contrary is incorrect.”

Oliver was recently criticised for meeting with Shell bosses to talk about his healthy meals for service stations. He said at the time of the launch: “If we want Britain to be in a healthier, more productive place in 15 to 20 years, we absolutely need businesses to be on that journey.”

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