Healthy lifestyles changing the way customers eat out

Three in five out-of-home diners proactively try to lead a healthy lifestyle impacting the eating out sector, UKHospitality and CGA’s recent Future Shock report has found.

Research showing falling alcohol consumption and rising demand for soft drinks has highlighted the need to cater to health-conscious consumers, and young urban people in particular.

The Future Shock report identified several challenges facing the out-of-home eating and drinking out markets, including rising property and people costs.

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The report also warned of a ‘looming crisis’ in staffing as a result of Brexit. With non-British nationals accounting for nearly a quarter of employees in hospitality and tourism — rising to nearly two thirds in London — operators are expected to be closely watching the outcome of Brexit negotiations and planning strategies to improve recruitment and staff retention.

Furthermore, 60% of adults said they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “I would like to see more healthy soft drinks on offer”, while 46% of adults said the health of a drink was ‘important’ or ‘very important’.

As more diners turn down alcohol, the report revealed 45.5% of pubs and bars’ sales came from food.

Compared to June 2012, there were 14.9% more food-led outlets in Britain in June 2017 while the number of drink-led outlets fell by 10.4% over the same periods.

People are also eating out more, with 31% of household food and drink expenditure taking place out of the home and 47% of British consumers eating out at least once a week.

Technology was also important to consumers, with six out of 10 diners claiming to check bar and restaurant menus before visiting. One in four said they used their mobiles to read reviews.

Jamie Campbell, business unit director at CGA, said: “This is a time of huge change in out-of-home eating and drinking, and our latest edition of Future Shock spotlights three of the most pressing issues: technology, health and Brexit. Understanding these and the many other trends uncovered by CGA’s research is going to be crucial for all operators in the months and years ahead.”

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