Deliveroo riders boycott Wagamama restaurants in Bristol

Around 80 Deliveroo riders boycotted Wagamama restaurants in Bristol last week, over complaints that staff at the Japanese chain took too long to prepare food for deliveries.

According to Bristol Live, Joseph Nunes, who organised the boycott, said “riders often have to wait 25 minutes in Wagamama for orders to be ready”.

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He told the paper: “We all dread the waiting time at Wagamama. It is not fair on the riders. Most of Deliveroo’s scooter riders in Bristol boycotted Wagamama last week.

“When Deliveroo doesn’t find riders, it doesn’t send orders – so Wagamama lost business for sure. This is the way we have found to fight back.”

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: “Deliveroo works closely with our restaurant partners and the riders we work with to make sure we have an efficient and reliable service.

“Deliveroo has recently made changes to rider fees so riders are paid more for longer distance deliveries and wait times at restaurants are taken in to consideration when calculating how much riders are paid.”

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