Damian Wawrzyniak returns to London with Salt Flakes restaurant

Polish chef Damian Wawrzyniak is to return to London as chef at Twickenham’s Salt Flakes restaurant.

The restaurant claims to offer “modern world cuisine with a French touch”, and will represent Wawrzyniak’s first foray into London since opening his first London based restaurant Jan in Clapham, which closed less than a month after opening due to a rent dispute.

A spokesperson for the chef said that he will remain “fully committed” to his most recent House of Feasts venture near Peterborough, whilst overseeing a redesign and food redevelopment at Salt Flakes. The Twickenham restaurant is also due to open a new lounge bar offering drinks and sharing platters.

Wawrzyniak said: “I’m excited to add my stamp to the menu, with sharing platters, sumptuous mains, a large vegan and vegetarian option and of course, a real focus on seasonal, sustainable produce.”

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