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UberEats to deliver Ikea meatballs and flatpack furniture

UberEats is to deliver furniture retailer Ikea’s meatball meals as part of a four day trial from its Hoxton kitchen.

The meatballs will be available to anyone within 2km of the Hoxton outlet, and will be delivered alongside small pieces of furniture.

The deliveries will be split into meal/furniture deals such as ‘The Snug’ which costs £10, consisting of 20 meatballs, mashed potato or chips, cream sauce, Lingonberry jam, two Daim cakes, a Sanela cushion cover, Avsiktig napkins, a New Oddrun throw, and a Sinnlig scented candle.

Other meal packages include the £20 ‘Family Platter’, which includes 20 meatballs, 20 veggie balls, mashed potato or chips, butternut squash, courgette and kale hash, cream sauce, Lingonberry jam, two Daim cakes, two plain sugar donuts, a Vinter 2018 disposable cup pack, a Vinter 2018 disposable paper plate x10 pack, a New Strala LED lighting chain, a Fantastik paper napkin, and a Marit table runner.

Ikea will also offer a veggie equivalent of ‘The Snug’ which replaces meatballs with veggie balls. All items are said to be flat-packed separately in the same fashion as the chain’s furniture, and the trial will run from 16 to 20 November.

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