UKH warns of ‘drastic’ Covid-19 contingency measures impact

Announced on 14 September, the Autumn and Winter plan for 2021 left mandatory face coverings and Covid-19 vaccine passports as possible reserve measures

UKHospitality has warned the Government of the potential ‘drastic’ fallout should any of its Covid-19 restrictions currently left on reserve be introduced over the Winter.

Announced on 14 September, the Autumn and Winter plan for 2021 targeted vaccines uptake and booster jabs as the key way to limit the spread of the virus.

Elsewhere, advice on how best to stay protected, such as the use of masks and ventilation, NHS funding, and international vaccine support were also included in the plan for the upcoming months.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive at UKH, called the measures “much welcome” due to the success they have so far provided in “protecting our healthcare system while allowing for the reopening of the economy and businesses to trade without restrictions”.

However, the Government also announced a set of contingency measures, should the plan not work in controlling transmission of the virus.

Nicholls claimed that should they be introduced these measures, which include mandatory face coverings and Covid-19 passports for certain events, “would have significant and drastic impacts on the sector”.

She said: “The use of vaccine passports, logistically unworkable and with questionable effectiveness, will have a devastating effect on nightclubs and large-scale events. 

“These sectors have been hit hardest and have been at the very back of the queue for reopening and such measures would severely undermine their profitability and ability to recover over the winter months.”

Nicholls added that work from home guidance would create a “significant impact” on city and town centres already “damaged by restrictions and enforced closures”.

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