UKH states ‘disappointment’ over Welsh Covid passports

The industry body claimed that the decision has been made ‘despite several weeks of meetings’ between the government and UKH Cymru

UKHospitality has stated its disappointment at the Welsh Government’s decision to introduce Covid-19 passports for nightclubs and events.

Due to become effective from 11 October, the new regulations will see over-18s need an NHS Covid Pass to enter nightclubs, indoor events of over 500 people, outdoor non-seated events of more than 4,000 people, and any event in excess of 10,000 attendees.

The industry body claimed that the decision has been made “despite several weeks of meetings” between the government and UKH Cymru.

During these discussions, UKH “made the case against vaccine passports” over a number of “implementational problems” such as compliance difficulties over business definitions and customer conflict.

David Chapman, executive director for Wales at the group, said: “The news that Covid passports are to be required for entry into Welsh nightclubs and some large events from 11 October is incredibly disappointing.

“Those affected businesses, already in a fragile state following repeated lockdowns and periods of onerous trading restrictions, now find themselves facing further economic and resourcing pressures.”

He added: “It is likely that this extra burden will prove the last straw for some operators, who will be forced to finally close, resulting in job losses.

“UKHospitality Cymru will continue to work with Welsh Government to avoid the worst effects of this policy, so our members can continue to work towards recovery.”

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