Hospitality sector urged to support customer tracing schemes

UKHospitality (UKH) has “reiterated” the importance of hospitality businesses to playing their part in supporting the test and trace schemes across the UK.

The trade association’s recent member survey results showed that the vast majority  of businesses (more than nine out of 10) are taking appropriate measures to record customer visits, but recent reports of venues “flouting the requirements” have prompted the trade body to remind operators of the crucial need to do so.

UKH says that businesses must present a “united front” in showing team members, customers and Government that it is committed to providing safe spaces and supporting efforts to fight Covid-19.

UKH chief executive, Kate Nicholls, said: “It is critical that pubs comply with the Government’s guidance on test and trace and our research shows the vast majority are doing so.

“Hospitality offers safe spaces for people to enjoy being with friends and family at the centre of our communities and high streets. We have a real responsibility to keep our customers, our teams and our communities safe and well.”

She added: “Safety of customers and staff is paramount and to not comply potentially puts us at risk of a spike and another lockdown. Nobody wants that, given the awful commercial impacts of the initial lockdown. We need to get this right at the first time of trying and that includes implementing test and trace initiatives to keep people safe.

“Tracing schemes are a great way to do that. Collecting and providing the information is vital to helping break the chain of transmission and controlling the virus. It takes very little time, it helps to save lives and it can help prevent further lockdowns. It also shows our team members and our customers that we are professional, proactive and caring.”

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