Hospitality sector faces potential fortnight lockdown

Ministers are considering proposals to enforce new ‘social lockdown’ measures in the coming days across ‘areas of concern’ in the UK.

According to The Times, the emergency measures would force restaurants, pubs and bars to close completely for two weeks, in an effort to regain control over a “spiralling second wave.”

Households would also be banned indefinitely from meeting indoors, but schools, shops, factories and offices which could not support home-working would remain open.

The newspaper reported that the plan was originally suggested to the cabinet’s Covid-19 strategy committee last week, where the proposals were initially rejected by a “group of six ministers”.

That meeting instead concluded in the prime minister’s announcements of the 10pm curfew and new rules on masks for hospitality settings.

Reports suggested likely locations for the first total social lockdowns include Merseyside and the North East of England, areas currently experiencing high rates of transmission.

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