Chestnut partners with Food4Heroes to help support key workers in East Anglia

Chestnut, an East Anglian hospitality group, has teamed up with Food4Heroes to help provide fresh meals for frontline NHS workers.

With such a huge demand on the NHS as they work longer shifts and have little time or facilities to prepare food, Chestnut decided to step in to support Food4Heroes with the important initiative within East Anglia.

The not for profit initiative has been launched to initially provide 300 free meals per week to NHS workers at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital CCU, with the aim of adding more meals and Hospitals in the region as funding increases.

Food4Heroes is a national scheme, prompted by a “heart-rending” online appeal by NHS worker, Dawn Bilborough, who was unable to buy food in her local supermarket after completing a 48-hour shift.

Food4Heroes estimates it will have delivered more than 60,000 meals to 12 Hospitals in England by the end of April.

Funded entirely by the good-will of the local community Chestnut has launched the ‘Giving Tree’, which is a newly established arm of the business dedicated entirely to supporting its local communities with ‘not for profit’ initiatives.

Chestnut added that house builder, Hopkins Homes and top 100 UK law firm Birketts have provided the initial funding to kick start the initiative.

Philip Turner, founder of Chestnut, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Food4Heroes. We have been inspired by many heart-warming initiatives across the UK and as East Anglia is our heartland, it makes complete sense to support our local front-line teams as best we can.

“There has already been some great response by businesses and local people in the region. I would particularly like to thank both Hopkins Homes and Birketts for their very generous donations. To make sure we can continue to keep feeding our key workers we do need your support, so please keep donating.”

Chris Rees, East of England director of Food4heroes said: “Food4Heroes is delighted to be able to rely on such a trusted and quality operator as Chestnut, to roll out free meals for the NHS in East Anglia.

“Our launch at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital ICU is very exciting and it is wonderful to be able to help and support our NHS heroes at a time when they are literally risking their lives to support the people of Britain during this crisis.”

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